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50th Blog Post Special: Interviewing ToonDude7/Khamia

Posted on July 1, 2011 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

1. What gave you the original idea, to make Khamia?

A: A while ago I found this really cool channel on Livestream, it was called NeoToonami and it streamed all sorts of anime and Toonami-style cartoons. I watched it a LOT and was really fascinated by it. Then when it got shut down by Livestream, I thought it would be kind of cool to do something similar. So I started Anime 24/7, the first channel that would eventually pave the way for Khamia.

2. Where did you think of name ToonDude7 & Khamia?

A: ToonDude7 was something completely random that came to my head whenI was trying to make up an account name. Really. I actually didn't comeup with the Khamia name, it was one of the admins from our previous Anime 24/7 channel that made it up. I think it's an unintentional mis spelling of a Final Fantasy character, but I'm not too sure.

3. Do like Bakugan?

A: Meh, not really. New Vestroia can be okay at times, but usually it's just the same old crap.

4. How did you meet your admin to help you run Khamia?

A: Through the Anime 24/7 chat.

5. Did you ever think Khamia, and your YouTube channel, would ever get so popular?

A: Nooooooo.

6. What is your favorite Anime & Cartoon?

A: I'd have to say Gantz. Best. Anime. Ever.

7. What is your favorite Anime/Cartoon Movie?

A: Spirited Away was amazing.

8. Are you building on player for Khamia?

A: I haven't been working on it very much recently, and I don't think Iwill be in the near future. It's still a concept that I like to play around with every now and then, but it's not a priority at the moment.

9. Do you personally like YouTube & Livestream?

A: Livestream can be okay when it doesn't suck. It's not perfect by anymeans, but it is the best service for the sort of thing I have in mind for Khamia. Youtube... not so much. I'm not a big fan of it at all actually. But since so many people use it, it's really good for advertising and the like.

10. If Teletoon offered you a job as a TV Producer or as a Scheduler, would you take it?

A: YES. I love scheduling stuff. I think I'd really enjoy the position, though the chances of that happening are pretty much slim to none.

11. Did you originally own Khamia?

A: I originally created Anime 24/7, which was the precursor to Khamia.

12. Where did you find Livestream & Cartoon-World?

A: I found out about Livestream from NeoToonami, as I said before, but that was back when it was called Mogulus. I randomly found Cartoon-World when I was looking for Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes a long time ago.

13. Who would be your favorite Anime character?

A: Light Yagami from Death Note :)

14. If FUNimation offered you a job would you take it?

A: Most likely no, I don't think it would be a job that I would enjoy.

15. What is your favorite Manga/Comic?

A: I don't read manga or comics very much so I can't really say, sorry.